calories burned on exercise bike

Once more, calorie burns when effort and speed determine cycling.

calories burned on exercise bike

Racing ‘very fast’ at a speed of between 16 and 19 mph according to the Compendium has a MET value of 12, and this is the level of exertion we’ve selected for our data.

However, those cycling at speed above 20mph or on a constant uphill circuit may see the MET value of their activity rise higher even than this, to above 15.

As well as working the lower body muscles (calves, hamstrings and quads) cycling also taxes the core muscles, glutes and hips.

And good news for BMX racers is that this event provides an excellent means of exercise too. Jumps and twisting in the air will mean that the muscle load for competitors is slightly more spread out; core muscles, obliques, arms and shoulders will also see some action in addition to lower body muscles.

Calories burned while bicycling depends on intensity and terrain. The number of calories burned will differ when riding a stationary bike versus an outdoor bike. Based on’s Exercise and Activity Calculator, a 150-lb. Person bicycling at a racing pace (16 to 19 mph) for 75 minutes burns about 1,020 calories. Biking 14 to 15.9 mph (vigorous effort) burns close to 1,022 calories in 90 minutes.


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