Renovation Of Kitchen and Dining Room Without Break Works

Renovation of Kitchen and Dining Room

Since there is no hood or crushing work should be carried out at the renewal of the kitchen and dining room of this apartment in Tessenderlo, had to interior designer Ken Cantrell outside the box thinking to the project. Watch how this renovation a contemporary key.

Cooking Kitchen and Eat Room

To a concept work out well, there must be an absolute line in the Interior. That is certainly the case at this apartment: to the kitchen and dining room to connect with each other, a false ceiling with indirect lighting. This ceiling connects the refrigerator, kitchen island and the dining table subtly with each other.

The lighting brings a cozy atmosphere in the room, ideal for dinner parties. Also, the suspended ceiling the advantage that the cabling looks beautiful in can be placed so that the cables for the lighting of the dining table and the kitchen island can be tucked away nicely.

Modern Materials

In the case of a refreshment of a kitchen and dining room, the choice of materials is of course crucial. Thus the kitchen was completely renewed. The dining table and the kitchen worktop were both finished in Corian, which again illustrates the correlation between the kitchen and dining room. Corian is a very sturdy material that gives a very tight look through its seamless finish.

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Magztime chose for the storage space for cabinets in mat satin lacquered MDF in black and white. For the modifier key, you also find a Cabinet in Oak veneer. This will add pit in the kitchen by considering black and white to break. This effect also returns in the living room, where a wall cabinet was posted that black lacquered MDF with Oak Veneer. The lighting through the suspended ceiling was extended to the living room from the dining room.

Comfortable Details

Subtly integrating a detached refrigerator into an interior is not an easy task for an interior designer. However, this has been done in this kitchen: the refrigerator is, as it were, the extension of the lowered ceiling. As a tassel, there is still the chest of drawers, which was also beautifully incorporated. Thus, this kitchen is a beautiful place to live where a cozy snack and drink are not far away.


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