Most False Ceiling Design For your Home

False Ceiling Design 

You like to decorate your home and make it enjoyable. The walls are often the first to benefit from a makeover, a change of hue, even texture and material with a new painting or a new tapestry. However, the ceiling can also serve as a support for your imagination and creativity.
Indeed, far from the beaten path, the false ceilings that they are stretched or suspended, can serve you to decorate a room and give it even more charm.

What is the difference between a stretched and suspended false ceiling?
How to paint a false ceiling?
What ideas for a wrong suspended ceiling light?
What tips for using spotlights built into the ceiling? Why use LEDs in a false ceiling?
Let's see together what it is possible to do and how to put the focus on your ceiling!

Astonishing, Design and Modern Ceilings for A Contemporary Interior

Do you find it missing something to decorate your dining room or room? Color, light, even a soul? Have you ever thought about decorating the ceiling?

In fact, he is no longer content to play a second role in your decoration with his immaculate white. He can now dress up as a staff, a new ceiling suspended in total or partial, with contemporary shapes lit by LEDs, or simply wood. Not content to protect your heads, it becomes an element, otherwise, the central element of the piece!

A False Ceiling for Contemporary Deco Enthusiasts!

Moreover, if you use your ceiling, not to accompany your decoration but as a decorative element in its right? It is possible to create real works of art, contemporary and design for all rooms, even if the living/dining room or the room are better suited. For this type of installation, only a ceiling professional can carry out the suspension and the lighting. However, admit that the effect is fortunate!

A False Ceiling Suspended to Dazzle and Illuminate!

It is also possible to create a false ceiling suspended if you have an excellent ceiling height. In a room that has a standard ceiling height (2.40/2.50 meters), the effect is always possible but requires a setup thought by a professional accustomed to this kind of installation. It must not give the impression that the ceiling is too low. The suspended ceiling can reveal a piece, with a formwork to highlight a particular place: above the living room table, the island of the kitchen, to create and delimit areas in a large living room or above your bed!

Unless you dream of a starry sky for your room? It is pretty easy to do for a professional, a bed atmosphere that takes you to make beautiful dreams with the help of a false suspended ceiling and dozens of LED diodes to simulate the stars. Perfect to fall asleep quickly and spend peaceful nights!

Partially or Entirely Cover its Ceiling With Wood

The proof is if you had to show your originality, the idea of putting wood on the ceiling! Did you decide to make a room warmer? It is comfortable with a ceiling or a false ceiling covered with wood. You can play the complete look or only a few pieces of wood. The support of a carpenter for this type of project is indispensable; Don't deprive yourself of such sharp skills and knowledge! Away from the mountain chalet effect while wooden, the faux wooden ceiling dresses with warmth and modernity inside, it is up to you to choose!

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Decorate its Ceiling with Plaster Sstaff

You like clean decorations, your ceiling is white, and you would not be a decoration all in finesse and moldings? You can opt for additions in plasters also called staff. These are plaster moldings covered with burlap.  They can be of any shape:

  • Unique to form cornices
  • Center ceiling to embellish a beautiful chandelier
  • Intended for the entire surface of the roof.

You can buy them all, but a plasterer staff can also make you custom-made the model you want for your interior. Salon with rosette, sun, specific motifs, nothing resists professionals. If you dream of an entirely new ceiling center, it is the privileged interlocutor!


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