Designing a Lighting Plan For Amazing Interior

Designing a Lighting Plan For Interior

We would like to show you the basis of a lighting scheme, including design ideas, product tips, and light choices. The first thing you do in the morning is to create the light and the last thing you do in one day is turning the light off again. An automatic action that we almost forgot. Electric lighting is one of the most important factors in our current lifestyle. One can work, play or relax whenever we want because we have electric light.

A Piece of History of The Lighting Plan

The former cave dwellers had no such options but were dependent on the sun. The only light source that came every day and disappeared again. Hundreds of years later we no longer live with candles, oil lamps, gas lights but with the invention of Thomas Edison from 1880, namely the light bulb. His design came about by electricity by letting a metal filament go until it was hot. The possibilities of working, relaxing and playing grew rapidly because the electric light was invented.

The invention of Edison has not changed much over the years. For years, the light bulb was used in every room of the house. Eventually, the clear bulbs became fashionable and came to hang on each ceiling. In the 20th century, it became the perfect way to hide light fixtures in spotlights and lowered ceilings.


The light bulb is no longer as durable but yet the lamp accessible. It is thought that in 75% of the households are still a light bulb hangs. In the future, the light bulb is replaced more and more for a more sustainable solution.

Lighting technology evolves rapidly because energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important, but also because the laws are being adjusted. For example, think of fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED lamps and other types of lamps that are integrated into a house using many fixtures and built-in lighting.

The Benefits of Light

What does not change is the important role of light in creating a healthy, safe home environment. Patricia Rizzo of Lighting Research Center finds that light is a powerful tool in a person's health during daily rhythm. It is important that you can see things, identify objects, cook food, personal care and carry out a lot more work in the house with the right type of lighting.

However, the mood and emotions also depend on the kind of light in space. This is a result of a connection between the way the retina signals light signals in neurons in the brain.

Lighting in House

According to the Lighting Research Center is the general objective for light in a home that is comfortable, easy to operate and energy efficient. That is why manufacturers and lighting experts working to these possibilities for homeowners. Energy efficiency is important because lighting more than 25 percent of the power consumption in a House. Alternatively, the lighting inside or outside, there are daily new developments in the field of illumination. Lamps are now designed to go 25 years, and the old fashioned light and hazard switches are substituted for applications on the phone. Getting the most out of your lighting to get in your House you can make a good lighting plan.


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