Tips To Painting Your Log Cabin

Painting Log Cabin

Painting a log cabin is not necessary immediately. Our wood is under pressure and therefore has 25 years of maintenance. After a few years, the wood can be somewhat trained by weather influences. If you do not like this, consider painting your garden house with a unique wood oil. In our assortment, we have the brands Restol and Woca. By nature, the wood is impregnated with a brown/green appearance. This is returned after treatment with a transparent wood oil. If you do not find this color, the log cabins can also be painted with a wood oil on color or a bit. These are in transparent and covering colors. On the Wood Treatment page, you will find more information about the oils, pickling, and colors.

Preparation for Painting Your Log Cabin or Gazebo

  1. In our showroom, we have a sample board of all colors to get an idea of the result
  2. The woodwork is already treated with a bit then decrease with ammonia water (10% dilution in water)
  3. The wood must be clean, dust and grease free and dry
  4. The wood can be slightly scratched with wood, which is not necessary when processing a wood oil
  5. Clean dust with hand brush
If the Log Cabin Wood is Localized or Completely flattened, Please Keep the Preparation Below

  1. Remove the old paint layer with stripping agent or burn the paint layer with a paint burner
  2. Cleaning with synthetic thinner
  3. Allow everything to dry
  4. Lighten the wood slightly
  5. Clean dust with hand brush

Let's Do Painting  Your Log Cabin

Let us advise by one of our employees about the color options and the desired result. Use the processing instructions of the suppliers.

  1. Begin painting at the top of your log cabins
  2. Stir out the beaten or oil in long lines
  3. Decorate with the wood timber structure of the wood


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