Make Floor as Foundation For Simple Log Cabin

Make Floor as Foundation

The easiest way to build a log cabin is first to take care of a floor and then build the log cabin immediately. You can make a floor of concrete tiles or tiles, but you can also pour a concrete floor. This method is very suitable for a not too big log cabin and is widely used for garden shelters. The advantage of this approach is that you have the floor for yourlog cabin right away.

Floor of tile tiles

Always start digging about 20 centimeters of earth. Dump this with yellow (sharp) sand. This sand needs to be well placed so that it can not go down later. Make sure that you get a flat surface in this way. On this surface, you can lay the foundation of tiles. For example, you can use clay tiles, concrete tiles or tile tiles. When working with tiles, make sure that you use locking tires so that the tiles stay in place. Also, note that the floor will be a few centimeters above the ground level, and most preferably just slightly smaller than the log cabin so that water can not flow inside. It is also advisable to use foundation bars. This prevents wood rot at the log cabin and ensures that you do not get any nuisance in your log cabin. Also, the floor must be level and level.

Concrete Floor

You can also pour a concrete floor and use it as a foundation. To do this, first, place a shelf of boards around the last floor that locks with wings. You can plan or strip the underlayment of about 12 to 15 centimeters for use. This is sufficiently thick enough to create a solid surface. The poles hit the corners and in the middle of the meter a centimeter or 40 in the ground (on the outside) and make sure they do not protrude above the formwork; otherwise, you will no longer be able to drain your deposited foundation. Position the boards smoothly and make the floor level by measuring the diagonals. Cover the inside of the tray that you make in this way with foil or grease it with vegetable oil. Otherwise, you will get the boards loose from the concrete later.
Put on the bottom of the bin that you made in this way, concrete tiling tiles that lay concrete, concrete mats (so-called construction steel mats) to prevent the floor from tearing. Make sure the mats do not touch the formwork, so they will not rust (you will get concrete rot). Next, it is a matter of concrete mixing and full bursts. Make sure all corners are well filled and that you put the concrete well in place. Finally, you have to drain your concrete floor to get a nice flat surface.

This method also requires that the floor be placed a few centimeters above the ground level. Additionally, you can use special foundation blocks for log cabins to build on. These are made of hardwood or impregnated wood and ensure that what is well removed.


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