Inlays, Cushioning, and Concealed Ceiling System

Inlays, Cushioning, and Concealed Ceiling System

System ceiling is available as inlays, cushioning and concealed system ceilings. Magztime ceilings will explain what the differences are.

Why a Modular Ceiling?

A ceiling system is ideally suited for the clean and affordable finishing of buildings and rooms. Ceiling plate by placing it in a system creates an elegant ceiling suitable for offices, hospitals, restaurants, kitchens or industrial areas. However, there are different types of systems ceilings.

1. Lay-in Ceiling system
2. Cushioning Ceiling system
3. Concealed Ceiling system

Lay-in Ceiling system

An inlay system ceiling is a ceiling where the plates are equal to the system. These are currently the most common ceilings. When looking at the ceiling, you will see the profiles in which the ceiling panels are laid. These profiles vary in size, color, and structure. The ceiling panels are usually supplied in sizes 600x600 mm or 600x1200 mm.

Lighting and Inlaid Ceiling System

Regarding lighting, you can all over the place with a deposit system ceiling. Fixtures, downlights, fluorescent tubes, Recessed spotlights. Everything can be placed in this type of ceiling.

Cushioning System Ceiling

A cushioning system ceiling has the same principle as an inlay system ceiling. The profiles are placed after which the ceiling plate is laid in. The big difference is that the ceiling plate falls further down than with the loading systems. Customers often choose a door pocket system ceiling because it looks more luxurious. The door bag systems have a higher finishing level, making them ideally suited for the design of offices, meeting rooms and entry rooms of a building.

Lighting and Cushioning System Ceiling

For illumination, you can install all sides with a sophisticated system ceiling. Luminaires, Downlighters, TL Tubes, Mounting Spots. Everything can be placed in this type of ceiling.

Ceiling Concealed System

Would you like the profiles of the system ceiling at all anymore? Then a masked ceiling system is an ultimate solution. From the bottom up is the support structure of the ceiling that is not visible. The concealed ceilings are used in spaces that will soon be for the eye and neat. Do you think for example of luxury offices, museums, Convention Centers and the entrance of buildings? The ceiling panels are available in various sizes.

Lighting and Ceiling Concealed System

Regarding lighting, if you are with covered system ceiling somewhat limited. By the suspension systems, it is not possible to place fixtures in the ceilings. Typically, there are many with downlights worked for concealed ceiling systems.

What System Ceiling Choose?

In addition to the visual aspect of a ceiling play issues such as acoustics, fire safety, and sound insulation is also an important role. To be a good decision we recommend.


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