How To Ultimate Design Garden In 8 Steps?

Garden Design Is Needed?

Find out what the most important steps in making a garden design
The balance between you and your family, your home and surroundings and as main you specific garden needs is crucial for creating your ultimate dream garden.

That is what you are about to discover. I am going to share with you what my strategy to make unique garden designs. I am sure I am going to make you aware of some things you probably otherwise forgotten. Alternatively, that you are not there at all to have thought.

The best tip I can give you is: invest in a good idea. Moreover, then this article the perfect source of inspiration that you can use in preparing for your new garden plans design.

Are you seriously going to get started with your garden? Then keep reading and make sure that you are not the most common errors you making it in hindsight makes way too much money is going to cost

The most common error is that you are going to embark on a garden project where you have not thought about it in advance. That sounds very very logical, but in practice, I notice however that this is the # 1 error is that is being made. If you are without a plan (so basically like a chicken without heads) works against things that you could have prevented in advance and giving you could have saved much money. Alternatively, better yet; You can deploy this dollars had useful and creative!
Besides, I often hear the sentence: ' I Had the post but otherwise done'. Moreover, then is the sin. You have already spent much money
It is important that you are going to have knowledge about and that you know how to apply this knowledge in practice. The surface is the best example I can give you. That is the Foundation of the garden and all determine the quality of your garden. For example, you have to know how to adjust the Foundation of the garden on clay, peat and sand substrates. Also, when you consider on what surface your garden then you understand me.

The Base of The Garden Design

I immediately start with a super valuable tip. Read this garden design advice by and go there immediately. Take 15 minutes of your time, turn your phone off and go with all your attention a list write it down with all the cool things that you think is important in the garden. Make sure you are in ' the flow ' and that you write down what comes to mind.

Tip: write your insights on so you always can find them. It comes to the snapshot. If you do not capture these, if you later to back think, never be the same. Moreover, that makes at the end showing the difference between a 7 and a 9.
Successful? Beautiful! You have the most important basis for a unique garden design.

In 8 Steps To The Ultimate Garden Design

I am going to share with you the eight steps how a complete garden design looks like. If I have a garden design for you, that is still an extra step in here. That is the interview in which I analyze and take stock of the garden come as I have already shared with you have.

Step 1: Inspiration For The Garden Design

The second phase in creating the garden design is gaining inspiration. There are so many great ideas for the garden that you can pick up your heart when watching inspiration pictures. I will share with you below a selection of our gardens to get you some ideas.

These are of course some photos of gardens that we have designed and constructed. In our portfolio, there are much more! I recommend you also to go to see if there are ideas for your garden.

Step 2: Make An Inventory of The Garden

The next phase of the design is to take stock of the garden. Create a suitable surface drawing with all sizes (preferably in centimeters) and specify the drawing to which elements (also trees) there should be preserved. These are the essential elements in your garden and will need to be processed in the new garden design.
Measure the garden. If necessary, make use of Google Maps to the situation to scale and to the actual sizes.
Please note that you fill in the master plan, so you still understand it later. Most mistakes in the work plan for the implementation and sizes in your wallet. Pay attention to this process so that you can quickly take over the dimensions of the sketch design.

Step 3: Budgeting, What Does a Garden?

Up to here, it is all nice, of course. Now it is important that you have and that you 100% focus this chapter is studying. What you also are going to do. The most important thing is that you are aware of the fact that a garden costs money. Alternatively, rather, you are going to make an investment in your outdoor space.

If you establish a budget for your new garden, then you are going to find that there are so many advantages and that the result is so much better than if you are not going to budgeting. I will explain why:

Imagine that you invited me at home. We have put together are sparring about new garden ideas, and you are very enthusiastic of the insights that I have given you. I have asked for the budget but have you got any idea. I have the task to a creative design to meet all needs and that I am free to make my insights are going to fit.

Then we create a new appointment, and we sit together to discuss the plans. You are very enthusiastic and sees it all are! In the conversation, we had about it even though details such as which files we use and what I have in mind regarding planting style. Moreover, that one solitary tree we can pull out perfect with beautiful ground spots. All top ideas where you can only welcome.

However, then a dangerous moment in the conversation. The question: ' what is it going to cost me? ' will undoubtedly be asked. Of course, I have thought about it, and I have an estimate made by the investment that this plan. After the show the budget fight you have an accident, and you are indicating that this not feasible.

What now?
There we are. I have much work done and get to hear now that it has all been in vain because it is not feasible to run it.

Also, you? Ultimately disappointed because of the fantastic idea in the trash can.

You know him? All I propose as alternatives will then will be less. You are going to make concessions where you want that at all, and as a result, you only moderate are satisfied with the new plan. So this is what we do not want. This is the number 1 reason why it is important to establish a budget. With a budget send you targeted me and can I get a super plan that meets your needs. Moreover, more importantly, they fit within budget!

With this way of working you get honest, realistic expectations and you will be pleasantly surprised with ideas you can come to realize. You do not want to only invest in an excellent plan. The result is what matters.

Intensive And Extensive Designs

Now that you have determined a budget we can establish a concept. In this we are going to organize the garden with two pillars as a starting point: olivine in soil:

Intensive Design
The intensive area you can see if the mass as I have indicated earlier in this book. This is the area in the garden where your relative is going to do the most. You can think of the terrace, canopy, car parks and so on. This section is more precious than the significant part in proportion.

Because we work with a budget, we can already move in the concept design with our budget. We, therefore, reserve money for this area and designs within the scope of the budget.

Extensive Design
At extensively you should think of lawn and borders (these can also be intensive) with simple planting. This is called the ' volume ' of the garden. In the square meter price ratio is much lower than the intensive garden. With this way of designing we work step by step and in the right order to the final plan.

Step 4: Garden Designs (Sketch Design)

The next stage is making the sketch design and the final garden design and planting plan, garden lighting and after the final battle with decoration and garden furniture. These are important stages because the small details make the difference.

If you have entered the garden measuring and ideas have gained you can start sketch design or also called the concept of garden design. In it, you spend the most important starting points and make your use of sight lines. From there you can use what you have read previously about intensive and extensive designs.

In the sketch, a design comes the first idea on paper and provides the creative idea. At this stage, it is not yet important that something be dimensionally stable. The point is that you think about the choices you make.

Always set the why question? Why do you do something this way and what is the reason why you choose. This way you go the sketch design analyze and you lay the basis for the final design.

Step 5: Final Garden Design

The final garden design is the underlying platform for your dream garden. You will find all your garden needs back in a creative interplay of lines and inspiration of our garden architect. If I present a final garden design come then I do that is always based on an inspiration Board with examples of elements that come in the garden such as a patio roof, pergola, deck, porch, the patio of concrete or ceramic tiles, ponds and water features, etc.

I also take sample materials of for example terrace tiles and other pavements, wall elements and wood species.
A mega important insight that I have gotten over the past few years I have defined in one of my quotes: Creativity comes from the designer, not from the PC.

Step 6: Planting Plant Is About The green Heart

An atmospheric garden creates your applying the right trees and plants. By using the right types, sizes, color combinations and flowering times, you can enjoy a cozy garden throughout the year. When planting plan, I always keep in mind the degree of garden maintenance. Our planting plans are designed for low maintenance and above all maximum enjoyment.

Step 7: Lighting Plan For Your Garden

Personally, I attach very great importance to outdoor lighting. We design a complete balanced lighting plan. A perfect combination of functional lighting and mood lighting ensure that evening. It is important to already at the design stage to think about it too during the construction all cables and pipes to dig in. This way you not to get to the garden at odds later cables. We only use an energy-efficient, child-friendly and above all sustainable line garden lighting with beautiful lighting effects. You can think of for example a standing outdoor lamp, light bulb and spotlights, wall and hanging lights and Recessed spotlights for under a pergola or patio roof. All our lighting is equipped with LED. Besides, we offer the possibility to the garden lighting distance and wireless.

Step 8: Accessories and Decoration For Garden

The garden is only really off as these fully is furnished with garden furniture and stylish decoration. If you work with me, then I guess with you in trends and developments that perfectly match the lifestyle. Through continuous innovations in the field of garden furniture, wooden planters, fiberglass planters, plastic planters and wall decoration we can advise following the latest trends and the most beautiful products. Also, we have an exclusive offer for firewood storage, wooden outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fire tables and a special line garden lighting.

The Ultimate Garden Design Manual for the Result

As you have noticed, designing gardens a great passion of mine and something I am doing only too happy to daily. The designs I create with the corresponding elements you can see as a guide for the construction. Next, to the garden design, I also write a manual for the building of the garden. It prescribes the matters of interest and what details make the difference. This is one of the points in which my team and I distinguish ourselves as the landscaping company. In this way, we are voting the relationship from the inside on the situation outside, just as we do this in the design. From the inside out


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