How do I Light My Ceiling For More Atmosphere?

How do I Light My Ceiling For More Atmosphere?

When you set up your home, it is often initially looked at what color is going on the walls, what floor is laid and which accessories make the room as a whole. Enlightenment only lasts, "because then we will know where everything will happen." In itself, logic, yet lighting is an essential part of the atmosphere you create in your home.

At the same time, many people also find it one of the hardest things to determine for space. What kind of lighting do I use? In what places in the space do I need a light point and where do I want to emphasize a detail? To help you get started, we have set up several options for you to relieve your ceiling for more atmosphere.

Three Types of Lighting

To optimally alleviate a space, you need three different types of light sources.

Essential Lighting Or Background Lighting

We start with the basic lighting, i.e., backlighting. These lamps ensure that the room is level and evenly lit without shadows. It is very unobtrusive light and is comparable to natural light falling through the windows.

Then you also need functional light to work, cook or read a book. To do this, you need lamps that give light. It is useful that a dimmer is incorporated. For romantic dinner, you need less light than when you are at work.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting provides the necessary atmosphere in space. For example, you can highlight certain furniture, paintings or other decorative items in your home. Also, there is also decorative lighting, but they give virtually no light. You can think of candles, a fireplace or table lamp that gives the soft light.

Which Lamps Match any Lighting?

Now that we know what the distinction is between the different types of lighting, we can also look at how you get the right atmosphere with ceiling light.

Uplighters As Essential Lighting

As a base lighting, it is important that natural light be approached. A so-called up lighter can help. That is a ceiling lamp that radiates the light on the ceiling, which reflects the space. There is hardly any shadow, and the light source is not visible, so it is not blinded. However, indirect lighting (light reflected from the ceiling or walls) is suitable for use as a base lighting.

Hanglamps As Basic One Emergency

Hanging lamps are ideal. You can use them as basic lighting, but also as work lights. Moreover, if you set a dimmer, you can also create a more intimate atmosphere. Three flies in one slap! Make sure that you hang the hanging lamp at the correct height, so that you have sufficient light, but do not look directly into the light source. Average height relative to the floor is between 160 and 200 centimeters, above a dining table is between 70 and 75 centimeters ideal and above the coffee table around 90 cm. Do you have a high space? Then a chandelier is suitable for his right as a lighting.

Light Transmission As Well As Work Light

At Magztime, we can place individual light-transmitting ceilings. Below, we will set a light box or another light source to create indirect light. It gives enough light to work and adds atmosphere to space.

Spots As Accent Lighting

Spots in the ceiling can be used well as accent lighting. You can always focus them on the way you want so that you always have the right light. Spots are built-up, but can also be placed on the ceiling itself. If you choose Magztime's ceiling, we can install the spots for you. Have you not looked any further at that?

LED Strips In Planning As Accent Lighting

LED is currently the item in the field of illumination. Placing first LED strips along the edges of the ceiling brings you an intimate atmosphere in the room. These strips do not give much light, but you can use them well as accent lighting.

Which lighting is Best for Your Home?

Often it is hard to determine which lighting is the best. A light plan can help to get that insightful. At Magztime, we know about light as well as ceilings. So we can advise you in lighting and contribute in designing an appropriate lighting plan. Thanks to the many different illumination possibilities and technologies we have at our disposal, we can meet almost all your needs. Additionally, it is convenient to a Magztime ceiling that you no longer depend on the current light points, and you can place your lighting in any location.


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