Founding Log Cabins, Garden Houses, and Chalets

Founding Log Cabins

Perhaps the most important condition for a substantial log cabin is a good foundation. If the log cabin is solid, straight and level, it is not only much easier to build, but the result is also firmer and durable. Without foundation, a log cabin will no longer pass down and drop down over time. As a result, windows and doors are no longer closed, and pressure points are under pressure.

How To Make Foundation For Log Cabin ?

There are several ways to make the foundation for a log cabin. We will briefly explain some options here.

  • When building a log cabin, yo can choose to build the foundation:
  • A log cabin is usually built on an (existing) foundation floor of tiles or concrete. That floor can be deposited, or you can make concrete tiles.
  • If you build a log cabin, you can only support the walls with tiles or particular tapes. Another possibility is to make a full wooden frame for walls and floors and to rest on concrete tiles (see photo).
  • You can also base your log cabin on (hard) wooden poles.
  • If you want to build a large log cabin or chalet, then it may be necessary to fund a foundation.

When setting up, always take into account some things

  1. Make sure you work on the right hard ground. When working with poles, you can use this as dark as your white ground meets. When working with tiles, you can use sharp sand that vibrates well.
  2. Before you start, lay down all the pipes that must be under the foundation.
  3. When exposing your infrastructure, take into account great parts such as rooftops.
  4. Attach the bottom beams to the foundation or beat if your tiles use single (hardwood) poles in the ground to anchor the log cabin. 
  5. There is also proper anchoring commercially available for anchoring the log cabin (see drawing on the right). This anchoring can easily be ordered with a building package.
  6. Always make sure your foundation is well cooked and level. Setting a foundation right is the easiest way to measure the diagonals.
  7. Always use hardwood or impregnated wood for the wood you put on the foundation. The best thing is to work with foundation beams because they ensure proper drainage.


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