Five Tips Create Tidy Garden for Log Cabin

Create Tidy Garden for Log Cabin

A awesome step to get started in spring, but once you have done it, always worth it: clear the garden. Loop from the windows of your log cabin to the storage of the backyard cushions in your garden cabinet. Everyone climbs on a beautiful summer day with lots of fun on the stairs to start the great summer metamorphosis. With these tips and this again, everyone is happy to have a garden! Every garden is cleaned annually, and I tell you how to start it.

Preparations Cleaned garden For Your Log Cabin

A tidy garden begins with good preparation. Make sure you take one day and get started. Remember in advance how you look at your ideal garden and how to handle this best to achieve this.
It is also important that you do it with someone because washing is more cozy to enjoy your garden and outdoor life with, for example, your partner?

1. Start by lapping the windows
For many, this is a nasty job, but in many cases the result is super! Many think that the use of spirits has a positive effect on the windows of, for example, a garden house or a log cabin. This is not the case! Spirits work for short periods, and in the longer term, this will hurt the windows. For example, a blue haze on the windows or an oil layer that cleans with water is hardly anymore.

A good alternative to this is very simple. You fill a bucket of water, add a small amount of detergent to it, and you can get started! An excellent way to clean your dirty windows. If you do not have a soap in your house, an all-purpose cleaner is also a good alternative.

2. Attachment to the tiles
Attachment to the tiles in the garden. This will not easily remove you with a little water and detergent. However, here too are useful avoids!

I will explain the three most practical ones.

Easy way: Use a solid (steel) brush combined with hot to boiling water and cleaning cloth. The water for this must be really hot! Start at one side and work on the other side piece a little bit by bit. Rinse the water with vinegar for a few minutes before brushing it over.
Traditional way: Do you eat potatoes and do not have many tiles? The water in which potatoes have cooked is a miracle for cleaning your tiles! Apply the water to your tiles and apply a brush (brush) over it. The results are impressive!
Modern way: Use a high-pressure syringe and pass the tile per tile. The advantage of this is that you do not have to let go of anything but getting started right away!

3. Maintain Garden Furniture
It is important to purchase an impregnated product when buying garden furniture. This provides extra low protection, but no full protection. After that, the product must still be treated with a bit. There is only chance that you will find your garden furniture in the summer with a green glow. This is due to the algae that nest mainly on the garden in winter. This also applies to a simple bucket of hot water, detergent and a (steel) brush, and the dirt is smooth. Is not it easy now? Then you can always use green soap. The most important thing is to repeat this year to enjoy much gardening!

4. Clean up Garden House/ Log Cabin
Everyone with a garden house, log cabin, barn, garden cabinet or another storage box in the garden knows it: the mess that piles up in it. Every year, your stuff has been stored, which can be thrown away or forever, or that do not belong at all. Therefore, I recommend turning out with items that can be removed, items that need to be moved but retained and things you are in doubt about. The last corner should remain empty because the best way to clean up is to decide immediately. Make sure that you unload your stuff when you are unloading your garden house or another storage box so that you do not double your job.

5. Enjoy the summer with a garden cabinet
Also for lounging and off-road equipment, you have a practical solution with a garden cabinet! For example, consider accessories for the BBQ, revolving toys or a hedge trimmer that is lost. This is a bad summary of the possibilities of a garden cabinet. Also for the extensive gardens is a garden cabinet ideal! Think of an inflatable swimming pool, lawn mower, entire BBQ or other large garden items can easily be stored here.


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