Eight Helpful Tips for Your Bathroom Lighting

Eight Helpful tips for your bathroom lighting

Lighting is an important aspect in your bathroom. We make your choice easier with these helpful tips and trends.

Tip 1: The Total Picture

Lighting in the bathroom is as important as the rest of your home. Think about the space as you would reflect on the other rooms in your house and vary in the types of fixtures: from ceiling lights (general light) to wall lights (front light), mounting spots (accent lighting) and hanging lamps (ambient light). The whole is more than the parts! It is the combination that makes it completely beautiful and functional.

Tip 2: Think Functional

Choose specific lighting for each function in your bathroom and use different circuits for each of these features. Why would you like to bathe the whole room if you just want to take a refreshing bath? Provide a switch if you want to relax, one for bath/shower, one for when you want to make up for the mirror and so on. Do you have a small bathroom with a limited number of light points? Then create a dimming function on your lighting to create atmosphere.

Tip 3: Night Lighting

If you have a toilet in your bathroom, connect the bathroom light to your night lighting. This way you can make a stop at night without accidents. If you choose red light, your eyes and brains will find it best because your sleep phase is not too abruptly disrupted, as opposed to blue or white light.

Tip 4: Do You Know TL

Nothing so frustrating as too little light on the bathroom mirror. A fluorescent lamp is very suitable for frontal light, but the choice has not yet been made. Each t-lamp contains numbers: 840, 830, 940 The first digit represents the color display, the last two for color temperature. Therefore, not every fluorescent lamp needs to emit cold and hard light. Determine what is most important to you (a modern bathroom works better with colder light, a romantic bathroom rather than hot light) and make your choice by that. TL lamps with the first digit of 9 are the strongest in the daylight color reproduction.

Tip 5: Light Points Everywhere

A common mistake in bathrooms is to provide only one bright spot for the base lighting, centrally in space. Preferably provide three light points of 20 watts (250lm) than one of 50 watts (635lm): the more you can spread the light across the room, the better. That creates more atmosphere.

Tip 6: Zen Area

More and more people enjoy wellness in their bathroom, and lighting plays a crucial role. A customized, quiet lighting gives a greater sense of feeling. Whatever used to be, RGB systems were attractive to bathe your bathroom in all colors of the rainbow today, and we choose much more for a sophisticated color palette with subtle nuances. For example, white already has a whole spectrum of shades, from pure white to warm white and even light orange.

Tip 7: Avoid Spots

Spots above your bath are not a good idea because when you look up in the bathtub, you are blinded up. The same goes for your toilet. Always choose for the slogan: 'No spot on the jar!' Discreet or indirect light is designated here. If space and possibilities are limited and you have no choice but to place a base light above the bath, choose a diffused glass luminaire.

Tip 8: Long Live LED

The popularity of LED technology has also changed our bathroom lighting. Do you still know the starry of ancient times where high glass fiber was used to imitate stars on your ceiling? LED lights to make it possible for you to work in your ceiling, but in an affordable way, like with that starry sky, with minimal light points. Per switch, you can then leave a separate zone (e.g., above the bath, above the shower, above the sink) and a separate set of lights.

Would you like to take a step further to create atmosphere? Let the lighting be a part of your furniture. Go for a LED strip under the bath, so it seems to float. Process energy-efficient LED lights in the shower wall glass, in the tap of your sink, in the shower head or even in the floor or wall tiles.
Note: this lighting serves as a gimmick and has little functional value. Therefore, be sure to provide, in addition to this accent lighting, any functional lighting for each zone.

Domotics In The Bathroom

Once upon a time, it sounded like something from the distant future, but meanwhile, domotics is becoming more and more embedded in the home and also in the bathroom. How does it work? Think no longer regarding 'switches,' but rather concerning 'features,' such as 'baths,' 'showers' and 'makeups.' You set up every function with your domotic system, and with one touch of the button, you adjust the entire bathroom environment. For example, in the "bathing" mode, the base lighting is dimmed to 10%, the temperature is pushed up, the shutters are closed, and the radio goes on to a particular volume. When 'shower' or 'makes up' you change the surroundings to something unique. Domotica is the new way of bathroom experience.


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