Create your own free 3D garden design with SketchUp

Create Your Own Free 3D Garden Design With SketchUp

There is a lot of design software available on the internet to your garden, balcony or roof terrace to designs. SketchUp is not the easiest, but the possibilities are extensive, and it is free. The program has a library with all kinds of shrubs, trees, and plants that you can shift to your heart's content once you have subscribed to the base of your little garden.

Many people like to design their garden or roof terrace. Also, even though you are not a gardener, you will know what you like.
In this first article in a series of 4, I explain the basics so that you can make a quick start with designing your garden, balcony or roof terrace. How big or small that way but.
SketchUp is a powerful design program that until recently was part of Google. Because it is not more to the core activities, Google has the package in April's 2012 transferred to the company Trimble, and the package is now called so Trimble SketchUp. The important thing is that the free version will remain says Google, so that is nice. You have not paid "Pro" version that many other sites you try to.

To get an idea of what is possible with SketchUp garden design I have here a few example videos with garden designs.

Preparation On Your Computer

Before you start drawing on the computer, it is best to start with what traditional hand work. Drawing on paper a schematic map of your current garden, balcony or roof terrace. Measuring all distances as good as possible at and note these sizes on an A4. Then draw your garden on the scale with pen or pencil, so you have a rough map.

If you already have an official floor plan to scale, for example, the construction drawing of your House, you can also use it as basic SketchUp, which saves much drawing. Scan the map in him soon so that we can easily import as a picture. It is the easiest to start with a basic map and who will soon be about to pull in SketchUp

Also, create a list of all garden ideas that you end up in your design process, so you will soon want to forget anything. Good preparation is half the battle.

Get SketchUp and install

SketchUp home screen and you can get the free version of SketchUp. Unfortunately, there is no English version available such as Google now had more, so you have to choose from English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. You have to fill in your details and email address and indicate that you use the software for private purposes. There is also a special version for Apple Mac users. When installing the startup screen appears, and here you should just accept everything as it is the default. It may be that you just need to restart your computer after installation before you actually can get started.

Click to SketchUp via the start menu to launch the program. You will then see the screen on the right. Click on "Templates" and select the "Simple template Meters," the second option from above

Video Training For Use SketchUp

I will suggest you to start watching a few short video training. Are you as someone who always connects the video without a manual to read, then you should also do that especially here. However, I predict that you are going to watch the video after 10 minutes of fool around. The program is not necessarily complicated, but the 3D designs is new for most people and then say the buttons not so much

Unfortunately the videos (there are also many on YouTube to find) also in English only. The basic principles and the buttons in the program that are explained, however, are universal, so that does not matter. Here you will find a nice list of all necessary videos and explanation of each button.

View an Example Garden Design

If you only want to see what you will make it, please follow these steps.

- Go to menu File > 3D Warehouse > Get Models

- Opens a screen where you can search for elements and designs that others have shared. Search, for example, on "Garden" or "garden, " and then you see examples of garden designs of others
SketchUp 3D warehouse

- Click on the "Download" icon right window one of the models that appeal to you and the model will open on your computer. (click "yes" If you are prompted to open it directly in SketchUp) It hovers now, and you can specify where you want to place the model.

- Now move your mouse to the point where the lines come together and click with the mouse on the type to "fall" in your drawing. Voila!

- You can now model from all angles with the basic navigation buttons:. With the hand tool (the ' pen ' tool) you can put your paper shift, the magnifying glass (Zoom tool) is to be able to zoom in and out, and with the red/green arrows (the orbit tool) you can run the model.

- Buttons SketchUp

- SketchUp garden example

- Search and import plants

- In addition to complete gardens have many other SketchUp users also their smaller home-made models of plants and trees. That can directly from SketchUp with the menu ' File > 3D Warehouse > Get Models '.

You can also do it from your browser. Search the 3D warehouse but even on "garden" or "plants" or "trees" and then you will see what all. The default is "collections" is checked in the clogged dropdown next to the search button, so you get to see similar things sets. You will also sometimes paid providers, and often find better models in the warehouse, but you do not necessarily need.

Learn More About SketchUp

In Lesson 2 you will learn about SketchUp explain step by step how to get from your floor plan comes to a garden design. In the mean time, you have the time even to get used to SketchUp and perhaps already been practicing with making some 3D objects.


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