Create Awesome Wood Cabin by Yourself

Create Wood Cabin by Yourself

Consult our handy tips for creating a wooden log cabin or gazebo. In addition to a building materials list, we would like to advise on the necessary tools and fasteners. We distinguish two types of log cabins. The ready-to-use wooden garden cabins and log cabins that you can put together in a matter of time or as a custom-made house, you can build a wooden garden house or log cabin.

In the following, we will focus on self-building (up to 5 meters wide) of a log cabin or gazebo of discount parts. If you are going to build a larger garden house or log cabin, we recommend that you make a building drawing. If you want to place your wooden garden shed at an angle, think carefully about the door position. At a corner block, you can also choose a triangle shape with the door positioned vertically.

Rabat has the advantage that rainwater can not penetrate. Also, discounted discount is long and is also affordable. At Madero wood trade you can choose from impregnated discount item 1.8 x 14.5 x 300 cm (also available in 400 cm and 500 cm length, see page discount items) or Swedish discount larch 1.5 x 14.5 x 500 cm (also In 19.5 cm wide and available in rustic black).

Create a Custom House or Log Cabin

1. Determine the base of your log cabin

Is it a triangular log cabin in a corner or a rectangular log cabin? Also, determine if you want windows and power in your log cabin/gazebo. Also think carefully where the door should come and which side it should open. Do you want a log cabin with stone or with a wooden floor? After answering these questions, you can order and get the materials. If you do not feel free to contact us, we will provide you with practical advice.

2. Create a Foundation for Log Cabin

Foundation with tile floor. Dig the earth and fill it with white sand for at least 20 centimeters. Tighten off and level off. Then tile with, for example, tile tiles 30 x 30 cm. If you are building a larger log cabin, it is better to take concrete tiles 50 x 50 cm. These give more firmness. If you want to add a wooden floor later, this can be done with cross bars and shelves (block hut profile with knife and groove, size 3 x 13 x 250 cm). The advantage is that these shelves fall into each other, which makes the floor more solid. Of course, you can also use the tiles as a floor (this is much moisturizer in winter, remember to save your valuable garden equipment).

A foundation with; hardwood poles is also possible. A foundation of hardwood poles is a good deal. Of the square pillars (6 x 6 cm, length approx. 50 cm, you can get four pieces of 200 cm length) and beams (6 x 16 x 500 cm). The advantage of wooden beams on poles is that you can make your log cabin unimpressive. Place the piles around the 35 to 40 centimeters in one line (see for a moment a point of course). Start in the corners by setting the corner pole and fill the rest. If you do not mind, we would like to outline a paving plan for your custom garden or luxury wooden log cabin.

3. The foundation Bar of Log Cabin

Make the wooden crossbars 6 x 16 x 500 cm (if necessary cut the length) around a base. Mount the wooden crossbar 6 x 16 x 500 cm on the outside of the posts. This can easily be done with 8-millimeter thick locking bolts (12 cm long). So note that the thickness of the crossbar and the poles is correct with the length of the lock bolt. At, such materials are matched within one webshop. Therefore, you will no longer have any errors when ordering your attachment materials. Space for the door Walks through the bar for extra firmness. There will be a rest on the threshold and wooden floor. If you choose a wooden floor on beams, the floor as a whole has 6 x 16 x 500 cm cross beams. These must be at least 40 cm. Otherwise, the floorboards can later bend over too much. As indicated above, you can use the 3 x 13 x 250 cm cabinet profiles with spring and groove for the floor.

4. Make the Skeleton Fame

Place the vertical impregnated beams 6 x 16 cm (at the desired height of the log cabin, of course) shortened at 90 degrees to the top of the foundation bars. We recommend making the side walls at least 220 cm high. The front and back are automatically raised in the middle due to a saddle roof. Like a roof, we use 25 degrees. When using clear leather or EPDM foil, this is enough to let the rainwater run away.
You mount the vertical beams 6 x 16 to 40 cm. At these beams, the discount will be later. At the corners of the log cabin, divide the space as well as possible. This depends, of course, on the size of your choice. Fixing the vertical beams can easily be made with steel corners and screws


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