Ceiling System, What Is a Modular Ceiling?

Ceiling system, what is a modular ceiling?

The modular ceiling is a ceiling which is made under an existing soffit or, for example, an intermediate floor. System ceilings are very quick to assemble and a relatively cheap solution to space.
Ceiling systems are widely used in commercial buildings, schools, offices, gyms, and shops.
What is a modular ceiling?
A ceiling system consists of the following components:
- Side slats and angle
- Ceiling profiles
- Brackets and wire or cross tees will
- Ceiling Plates
- Side slats and angle

Side slats are wooden slats that are painted black on the one hand, these black side is down and will also remain visible against the dark side slats are the corner lines mounted. The edge line serves to cell ceiling plate on either the grid work and to rest.

Ceiling Profiles

Ceiling profiles are profiles that form where the ceiling tiles in the grid. The grid is made of multiple type patterns, namely first carriers and cross profiles. According to the kind of ceiling system what you want to have the grid will be made up of these trends. At a 60 × 120 ceiling single head carriers and cross carriers of 120 centimeters.

Brackets and Wire or Cross Tees Will

To the system ceiling to hang on to the architectural ceiling (the existing ceiling) we need, a modular ceiling suspension points depends on the parent ceiling. Depending on what type of ceiling you have several type suspension points. For there are battle anchors, for wooden ceilings are there screw eyes, and for a sheet, a pile is only wire used. The suspension cables have a standard length of 2500 mm and are easy to cut the length needed.

Ceiling Plates

The plates make the system ceiling. Systeemplafond plates are placed in the grid work to finish. The plates are chosen by a determines the number of wishes. There are many different dishes available, each with its finish and feature.

The finish on the visible side defines the looks of the space. White is the most applied and most safe too. However, in addition to a standard white ceiling tile, you can also opt for a color or a separate structure.

The size of the ceiling plate also determines how the system ceiling looks; there are multiple possibilities. This includes 60 × 60 × 60, 120 × 120, for example, 30 × 120 or 180.

Here above you will see a video of a ceiling mounted System inch. empaneled

Properties of System Ceilings

Ceiling systems have multiple properties and are therefore purchased for various reasons.
The ceiling system plates and large to determine what features a ceiling.

The five top features are
- Sound absorption
- Fire resistance
- Light reflection
- Vochtwerendheid
- Overlangsgeluid

The above properties determine the broad outlines of the comfort in the Charleston area.

For example, sound absorption is to avoid a napalming in space is, the absorption is up to 100% attainable, but 70% is often more than enough.

Fire resistance speaks for itself and should certainly not be forgotten. There are ceiling plates without fire report, and there are plates that up to 90 minutes fire resistance. These plates should be according to the appropriate conditions and in combination with the right grid work.

Light reflection determines the amount of light which is reflected by the ceiling plate; you will understand that if there is a black ceiling mounted system is a space that it will be very dark. If in the same room a white ceiling is applied it will be a lot lighter in the chamber. So with fewer lamps is a room with a white ceiling system lighter than a room with a black ceiling.
Vochtwerendheid is just as important in areas with high humidity. Think of saunas rooms or toilet facilities.
Overlangsgeluid is the sound which by the ceiling plate goes from one to the other. It can assure an important if two Charleston area next to each other that it is not appropriate that the conversation what is not on the other side. Then it is recommended to choose a ceiling with a high in the sound absorption.

Applications of System Ceilings

Where are system ceilings applied? Anywhere a ceiling possible. System ceilings are often in offices to get a nice finish, and flexible t have on reduction and air treatment. Through the space between the architectural ceiling and system ceiling (plenum), it is very easy to pipes and ventilation ducts. Also, lighting fixtures are made and moved later if you want to be if the design otherwise.

What Does a Modular Ceiling?

The price of a modular ceiling depends on several factors. Think of the different materials; there are several types of system with different prices, and also the plates are available in various kinds. In addition to the material is also the Assembly of great importance for the price. How many square meters and where should it be mounted determine to a large extent d price of the Assembly. Read more on our page cost of a modular ceiling.


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