Calculate Your Cost Ceiling System

Calculate Price Ceiling System

Are you looking for a system for a ceiling in your home or commercial property? What exactly is a modular ceiling? A modular ceiling is a suspended ceiling initially consisting of latticework, also called the grid work, which ceiling plates. Now the Ceiling system plates are loose on the roster and are easy to remove, pushing up and back.

The ceiling plates consist mainly of lime or from rock wool. The lattice work hangs with ceiling pendants on the ceiling. The nipples that are at the bottom of the ceiling pendants are the carriers of the ceiling tiles.

Why choose a modular ceiling? System ceilings are widely used because:
  1. System ceilings can be easily reused about different kind of suspended ceilings.
  2. Because it creates a tight finish because tubes, pipes, and cables can be easily eliminated.
  3. When one quickly and easily to the tubes must be able, without the ceiling damaged this is the best option.
  4. When reverb in a space occurs, a modular ceiling as an acoustic buffer. Alternatively, when there is too much sound comes from above as sound insulation.
  5. When space must be fire resistant. The latest ceiling tiles are very fire retardant. The question here to you in the choice of ceiling system plates.

System Ceiling Price

All get a modular ceiling figure out then it is wise to ask what the price including Mount is before you are going to buy right. The cost for mounting a ceiling system is entirely dependent on the type of system, kind of plates and the location. Therefore, it is wise to know the cost for mounting amounts, so you never post surprises. Below we are going to explain how you can calculate the price itself. Would you rather know an exact amount directly to place a ceiling system, please contact us, usually within one working day, you will receive an itemized quote from us?

Calculate Cist Ceiling System

In computing, the cost of a system ceiling per m2 is needed the following information: the type of grid, the type and size of the ceiling plates and the location.

The price of a grid

A network is available in multiple dimensions. The default size is 60 × 120 and 60 × 60. The cost of a grid of 60 × 120 is the cheapest of the two. There are so less need to build the frame profiles. Also, the color is also important. A white grid is also cheaper than a grid work on color.

The Kind of Ceiling Plates

The price of the different dimensions ceiling tiles is equal. It does not matter what ceiling tiles you would choose, but because a grid of 60 x 120 is the cheapest you can also purchase the best ceiling plate of this size. So the total price is lowest.

The Location of The Mounting of The Ceiling

The cost of the ceiling system also depends on the site. The system must be made in a living room, where the mechanics with a simple stairway or should it be applied in a warehouse or office building where there used to be a long Jetty. The cost of the Jetty is this location that is passed on in the price.

Also is the place of importance regarding location. In most major cities should there namely parking fees to be paid. This can take between €60 and €25,-per day charge. These costs are calculated on the total price. Do you live in a location where there is no parking fee is, of course, then you do not have to make?

Calculate Price Ceiling System

Before you can calculate the cost of a modular ceiling, you must first calculate the number of m2 of space. This is done by the length + width of the space to multiply with each other.

Example: you have an area of 100 m 2, and you want to calculate the price.
  • The grid costs €0.71 per m1. For 1 m 2 there is 2.5 m1. The price for 1 m 2 network is so 1.78 per m2.
  • The edge finishing costs on average €0.25 per m²
  • The ceiling tile Armstrong Tatra30 costs +/-€4.45 per m²
  • The mounting cost of a 60 × 120 ceiling costs €5.25 per m²
  • The total price of 100 m2 = 100 x (1.78 + 0.25 + 4.45 + 5.25) = €1173,-excl. VAT
Of course this price still dependent on multiple factors, but if you have got at least an indication. Would you rather an itemized quote, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you right away.

System Farm Bathroom

If you choose a system ceiling in the bathroom, it is important to choose a suitable ceiling plate. Different ceiling tiles are suitable for humid areas. These system ceiling panels are appropriate and with a humidity of no less than 95%.

The most commonly used system ceiling tiles for the bathroom is the plaster vinyl plate. The dimensions are 600x600x9.5 mm and 600x1200x9.5 mm. This is a ceiling plate that has a vinyl wallpaper making it suitable for wet areas. Also, cleaning the gypsum plastic ceiling plate is quick and easy. This gypsum plastic ceiling plate can be easily and quickly removed with a damp cloth.


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