Build Log Cabins By Way of Construction of Our Ancestors

Build Log Cabins By Way of Construction of Our Ancestors

Description log cabin dimensions substantially 10/10 m 
Log cabins is a house that is entirely built of wood, using the experiences of the ancient builders of the Dinaric type of homes. This type of chalets, specifically Talparo, occurs in the central and mountainous parts of Serbia. Being built of thick wooden planks.

The house is projected in the module of 90-100 sm, which provides suitable spaces and the roof structure and is adapted to the manufacturing lengths of material. Measurements of 1000/1000 cm and 100 m2 of the area with a porch. Your front porch area is 4.86 m2.

The property is equipment with modern appliances in the kitchen and bathroom but the furniture and interior fittings modeled on equipping traditional houses. All the furniture of the house is made of wood, and some shelves - in the living room and dining room - built-innbearing walls.

Foundations of Log Cabin

The foundations are reinforced belt, around the perimeter of the house, foundation depth is according to the regulations, min. 80 sm. The width of the foundation is 30 cm. In parallel with the foundation is prepared and the plinth, height 30 cm, which the final white color (a variant of the facing stone plates). The basis of the fireplace is built according to the detailed drawings. All internal partition walls are built with reinforced concrete slab noon.

The logs for the construction of the house was prepared by a bonding of thin wood elements, and the final size of wall Log houses is 11/16 sm. The logs are placed, so that the thickness of the wooden wall of 11 cm. The corners are connected the traditional link to "cert," which gives extremely sturdy and high-quality connection. Cert in the corners to the boom 10 cm, while the internal angles of a variant of "blind cert," i.e. The same connection or no overhang. Height to the beam blind cert provides wooden pegs.

The first fixture chalets
Cert  on Outer Walls

Roof of Log Cabin

The hipped roof is made of spruce timber. Horns rely on the joists, rafters and for binding parts visible - narožnjaci, carpenter processed and decorative finish. On the roof is an opening for the lighting of the attic and the roof covering the Canadian Angola roan, which is reminiscent of the wooden shingles.

The interior of Log Cabin

All interior and fittings are to be uniquely converted and comply with the wooden house. Furniture is made of solid wood, and some elements, such as shelves and cabinets, can be built into the walls. The fireplace is a brick wall, is pointed and painted white, with old decorative wooden beam around the perimeter.


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