10 Many Mistakes in Garden Design and Landscaping

Ten Mistakes in Garden Design and Landscaping

If you are looking for "garden design" or "garden landing" with Google, you will soon come out with landscapers and gardeners. However, you can make a garden design yourself, provided you do real research and get you feel well informed. We put ten common mistakes of beginner and amateur garden designers in a row, so you do not have to repeat it.

1. Extend All Options Blindly

It is smart to have an idea of what you want with your garden design before hiring an expert. Do you want particular trees, a mini pond or a lawn? Lots of work or little work to maintain your garden? How do you use your garden, especially for sunbathing or sitting or do you also want to work actively with a vegetable garden or a rose garden?

Think about these things and make two lists for the construction of your garden
A list of how you plan to use your garden and how much time you have for maintenance.
The second list of some examples of what you find and do not like in other gardens. Inspiration takes place in gardens that you often see on television at Own House and Garden or with friends and family.

If you want to get started with designing your garden to get a better idea and play with options, you have got in mind, read our article about free garden design software and our 4-piece series of 3D garden design with SketchUp.

2. An Arbitrary Gardener or Gardener From the Golden Guide

As with contractors, you must also choose your garden designer (m / f) with care. Best of all, reviews or experiences from friends, colleagues, and family. Ask your question on Facebook and appreciate how fast your response is.

If you like simple, then you can comment on the task of your gardeners. You will certainly be sure to receive comments from someone interested in your garden loop. It is still quite new that you can offer your job free of charge on sites like Werkspot or Marketplace Claussen. The advantage is that you can also read reviews from previous customers.

We are Skydreams services that connect consumers with garden loops with suitable gardeners. That does not have to be a renovation, but it can place a fence or the construction of a pond. If you want to try it out for free to see what responses you get and what kind of costs you can expect for garden design, please ask for a quote by a gardener for your garden loop through this form.

3. HowABbout Trees in Your Garden? They Grow Faster Than You Think

Be careful with trees in your garden. What's so fun and cute now, your sewerage and view can cause big damage in 10 years. Always keep in mind the growth rate of trees and choose if you want to know that the tree remains a particular dwarf variant.

4. Remember If You Want A Pond

Each pond in a garden of significance, even a mini pond, requires a lot of cost and maintenance. A pond has a separate ecosystem and soon has algae, weeds and noisy frogs that you can not catch soon. Think very well if you want a pond, also for small children and the magical appeal that has water on children.

5. Organize Your Potted Plants

Potted plants are easy on your terrace or around your sliding doors. However, in the summer they need water every day to prevent your plants from dying. It is more convenient to reduce the number of pots and use only for plants such as strawberries and small flowering plants to accentuate your terrace.

If you have many pots, they do not organize them and spread over your garden. Big pots are also useful. There is more earth in it, and they hold more water. You will see that a few large pots or planters give a much calmer and cooler feel to your terrace.

6. A Amall Lawn

Do not take yard or park in a small garden. Even if you are still a fan, less than 10 square meters of grass costs more headache and maintenance on mowing and things like mosquito control than you like. If you take grass, take care immediately and take care of a surface area of at least 20 square meters.

An alternative is a new kind of artificial turf, which is so good today that it is almost impossible to distinguish

7. Tuinkabouters

These gay guys were very hip in the 80's. In the meantime, you can leave them at the Intratuin or your local garden center. Unless it is a gift you can not refuse, our advice is: keep it outside your garden.

8. Do Not Sse On An Outdoor Faucet

Always use an outdoor crane if you are serious about your garden. Do that right if you refurbish and handle your garden because then you can still think which place is convenient. Gardena also offers systems with water plug contacts that you can use throughout your garden.

If you do not have an outside tap and if you want to do it, place a job at Werkspot or Marketplace Claussen. You will soon find a professional who can do that for a few hundred euros. This seems expensive, but a new garden plant, because your lawn is dead and your coniferous leaves are far more costly in the long run.

With an outdoor crane, you can also water your plants automatically. Read my experiences on my roof terrace here.

9. Limit The Number of Plants In Your Garden

The golden rule in a garden is 80/20: 80% basic plantation and 20% accents such as flowering and interchangeable plants such as those in a vegetable garden. If you place more annual plants than that 20 %, the garden will cost you a lot more time.

10. Choose Quality Terrain Tiles

Buy original terrain tiles. Here too, you should take a look at Marketplace so you can just pick up free terraces or tiles in the neighborhood. So cheap must not be just but beware of quality. Make sure your patio is your signboard of your garden, and you will spend the most time there yourself.

Good thick terraces are made of concrete or natural stone. They are not smooth when wet, and they are sure to be 5 inches thick. Ask your canteen or garden center for the delivery options. Unless you have ever been a street makes you have to put your terrace by a professional. It is challenging, and dark, to correctly set a garden with the drainage the right side. A professional can also prevent your tile from sinking.

Conclusion For Your Garden

All in all, there is a lot to be wrong with your garden design. So be sure to visit many gardens and ask your friends, acquaintances and family advice.

If you are sufficiently prepared and already looking for a professional gardener, try free and free to request a quote via this form.


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