Wood Protection Your Log Cabin For More Durable

Wood Protection  Your Log Cabin

Wooden gazebos and log cabins are delivered blank and untreated. The wood must be well protected against the weather.

High-pressure Impregnation (vacuum/printing method) is By Far the Best Method

Pressure impregnated for maximum life, greenish garden wood color.  High-pressure impregnation is a fungicide, insect and bactericidal treatment. This makes the wood 3 to 5 times longer. So you have much fun of your pressure-impregnated gazebo or log cabin. Also, so few trees need to be cut.
A pressure-impregnated gazebo or log cabin has a "greenish garden wood color," the longest life span and is in principle maintenance free.

Why is high-pressure impregnation of a gazebo so important?

A gazebo or log cabin often has one or two sides close to a fence, hedge or bushes.
You will not be able to handle it very soon or only very hard. As a result, your gazebo or log cabin does not go so long. With a pressure-impregnated gazebo or log cabin, you do not have to be able to handle it!

Manually impregnate wooden garden shed or log cabin

Alternatively, you can manually handle the wood before manually building the gazebo or log cabin with e.g. In praline Pre-Activ
However, treatment with In praline Pre-Activ alone does not provide adequate protection. We advise to work out a manually impregnated gazebo or log cabin with, for example, Restol Wood Oil.

Manual impregnation is less durable than high-pressure impregnation.

Immersion-impregnated Gazebos and Log Cabins
Some manufacturers provide dump impregnated gazebos or log cabins. The wood of this has been immersed in an impregnating agent for some time.
Dump glue is less durable than high-pressure impregnation. Immersion-impregnated gazebos and log cabins must be painted within 1 to 1.5 years. We recommend, for example, Restol Oil.

Finishing of manually or Immersion-Impregnated Gazebos and Log Cabins

Use Restol Wood oil to paint your garden shed or log cabin. As a finish for manual or immersion-impregnated gazebos and log cabins, we recommend Restol Wood Oil. Restol Wood oil is available in various transparent and covering colors.
We recommend that you apply the first layer of Restol Wood oil before building the gazebo or log cabin because you can no longer get to the brass and groove (the ribs and groove of the wall beams). If the color of impregnated wood grows in the long run, you can refresh the color with Restol Tanalith Green, or you can give it a different color.
“You can also use a pressure-impregnated gazebo or log cabin. Restol Wood oil gives a transparent or covering color, but it does not have to”


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