Top 14 Most Mistakes About Build Log Cabin

14 Most Mistakes About Build Log Cabin

We Learn from mistakes. Therefore, our handy top 14 most mistakes in the construction of log cabins. Combining garden shelters can help you with much misery with this list.

1. Measure too Little Time for Measurements, Angles And water Pass.

A good start is half the work. It is also important that the log cabin is exactly level. Exactly right building your walls is also a must. If desired, rent handy laser equipment for angles or use Pythagoras mathematical theorem: straight side 3 meters, straight side 4 meters = diagonal side of 5 meters. Provide some vertical beams and pegs to lock elements temporarily.

2. Handle Under Cases

Bottom of doors and window frames forgot to deal with windows for placing is a miss first class. Here, your log cabin is vulnerable. You can of course also order already impregnated log cabins as standard (since 2016, as well as impregnation in the color of scaffolding as gray as possible). Slim is to buy a log cabin storage with an awning, so your cabin door will never get very wet. For example, your door goes on much longer and is always dry in the doorway.

3. Underestimate Woodworking For Build Log Cabin.

Therefore, cabinet profiles do not mount too rigidly, our advice is. Use a rubber hammer. That your walls will sink a few centimeters is normal. In the beginning, it may seem like your windows and doors are too small. You will be surprised in a few months that everything has been solved. Wood works enormously! Moreover, order a storm anchor kit for each wall is our advice.

4. Underestimate Ventilation

 With ventilation gratings, you can remove moist air from your log cabin and breathe it. A must for fresh air and less woodwork.

5. Choice of roofing For Your Log Cabin

Flat roof? Roofing is not durable. With self-adhesive natural roofing aluminum (minimum 2-degree roof height) you do not need a burner or glue. Also with EPDM rubber foil, your flat roof will last much longer. For sloping roofs, aluminum tile panels, Aquaman roofing tiles and roof shingles (with proper assembly) are a good and affordable choice.

6. Leave Foundation Bars Out

Prevent rats from the bottom of your log cabin with foundation beams. Preferably choose the first log cabinets of plastic or possibly hardwood. Without warranty on wood rot! Screw the foundation beams onto concrete tiles. Also, for example, 5x15 or 5 x20cm thick adobe beams mounted on 6x6 cm thick hardwood pick piles can also make a good foundation for your log cabin. Place your log cabin on foundation bars.

7. Forgot your Roof Gutter

Finish rainwater thoroughly with a roof rack. Prepare a roof door for a flat roof so that rainwater does not flow over the edges. That is how your garden house goes on for a long time. With buoys and roof trims you complete your roof. Make sure that ducts and ceiling passages are cleaned twice a year!

8. Ignore Assembly Rules for Windows and Doors

Unfortunately, this happens very often. So noticed. At the door frame, the screws are often screwed into the wall in the wall. This is wrong because the wall can not be lifted upwards and downwards and you will get a gap between the wall parts because the profile stays on the screws. Therefore, always install the frame doors on the bottom shelf. For example, log cabin patterns can continue to work.

9. Do not forget to handle knife and groove side of log cabin profiles for placement

Manage the inside of your log cabin patterns as long as you extend the life span, and your cabin will also work less. You can also order impregnated gazebos of course.

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10. Wooden walls and roof shovels too tight fit is a much-made mistake

 Roof boards must be "loosely" mounted with 2 mm spacing and do not tighten tightly and then tighten. This prevents when the roof tiles go out; the roof boards have no room for working. Are you mounting too tight? As a result, the roof tiles will rise in certain places and get a bump in the roof.

11. Here too, it is too often wrong to paint freshly impregnated wood directly

 Impregnated wood is often still moist or greasy. Let your log cabin first dry for a few summer months and let salts swell before painting impregnated wood. Alternatively, better paint the first year green, brown or gray impregnated wood at all; this is also not necessary. If you want to paint a log cabin in colors, an untreated log cabin with primer paint is a better choice. This is virtually possible for any log cabin.
“Garden house with canopy impregnated gray you do not have to handle your 1st year”
12. Ignore manuals and drawings we see regularly

Read the assembly instructions in detail and remember: fast speed is rarely good. Take the time to build your log cabin. After that, you have fun for years to come. Make sure you have experienced powers.

13. Mounting floors too tight

Assemble your wood floor afterward, as well as the firewood boards do not slide too fast and leave 2 cm away from the walls so that your wood fires can work on floorboards.

14. Lay wood in the bright sun

Your wooden log cabin profiles and other lights put wooden shelves in the bright sun is asking for trouble like crooked and tearing. We regularly see pictures of customers who place shelves obliquely against their garage in the full sun. Lay shelves that you are not using, therefore, stacked flat under cover to a shadow in your yard.


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