Construction Drawing Or Architectural Drawings of Garden house/ Log Cabin

Construction Drawing Or Architectural of Log Cabin

If you are going to build a log cabin or a gazebo yourself, it is useful to arrange for a building plan or building plans. We offer complete design drawings and manuals for some simple but solid designs. If you buy a building package or ready-made log cabin or gazebo, you will know exactly where you are. The dimensions of the garden house are famous, and you have probably seen a built-up copy or minimal photos of the gazebo. Also, you get all the materials delivered to the right size, and you will probably get an extensive construction drawing and building plans (ask your supplier for the following).

That is not the case when building a garden house. To know what you are up to, it is advisable to work from a construction of a garden house or log cabin. This has a few advantages:
  • You can make a reasonable estimate of how the gazebo will eventually look like.
  • You know in advance about what materials you need.
When building, you have a handle to make sure you do not make mistakes that you later regret. If you need a building permit for a garden house (please note: not always required), you will need building drawings to request it.
There are three options to get a building drawing for a log cabin house or gazebo:
  1. Standard construction or construction plans
By far the simplest option. Also, reasonably cheap. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get a standard construction drawing or building plans for a gazebo or log cabin.
  1. Make Building Drawing
You can of course also make a log cabin building drawing and building plans for a garden house by an architect or architectural draftsman. The advantage of this is that you get quality. In general, these building drawings are also suitable for applying for a building permit
  1. Build Log Cabin a Building Drawing Yourself
You can also create a building drawing yourself. If you do not have too many plans and do not need a building permit, then you do not have to complicate this. A sketch is then enough to form your thoughts about how to get involved. Should you require a building permit, the construction plan must, in any case, contain some things:

General information, A short Description for Build Log Cabin

  • A location drawing, where does the garden house or the log cabin stand about the surroundings
  • A drawing of the facade views (front view, side views, and rear view) of the gazebo or log cabin
  • A typical or map with the exact sizes
In table form an overview of the materials used and the color of the roof, the walls and the floor and foundation are made. Detail drawings of connections that are important for the sturdiness and stability of your garden house.


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